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Lighting LED discover our range of LED lighting to achieve real energy savings, while enjoying a superb lighting, all of our LED products are quality and meet CE standards in force. {desc2} If you are looking for ribbons to LEDs, led bulbs and spots for your water or pool room, you are on the right page. We have a range of LED lighting that will allow you to achieve real energy savings and create a livelier atmosphere, trend and more mixed at home. We have also 12V transformers and Skyled fiber that can be used to create an original lighting. All of our led products are quality so feel free to browse this section to find the lighting solution suited to your needs and your budget. In addition, they meet CE standards so there is not anything to worry about. It's in the section 'Bulbs and Spots for pool' that you will find the new lighting technology for your pool. By choosing one of our products, you'll enjoy several advantages such as energy conservation and the use of practical and decorative spots at the same time. Ribbons to Led, Led light bulbs, bulbs, remote-controlled, spots for pool or bathroom... etc. everything is so feel free to browse this section to find led lighting which, once night falls, will transform your outdoor decoration into a much brighter, livelier, and especially more extraordinary. We also have tight spots for steam and wet places. These types of lighting will allow you to create an original and more alive in all of your wet places, without fear of moisture. Hammam, bathrooms, sauna... etc all depends on your needs. You can also place them outside hanging on your walls without problem. No additional protection from the pl


  • Accessories for Ribbon led

    are spaces of relaxation, it can also settle smoothly on the walls, the gateway to the water room, corridors, stairs etc. The life expectancy of its LEDS is 50,000 hours and they can be used with a dimmer. You can connect it in series with other ribbons without problem. For your pool, we...

  • Bulbs and spots for swimming pool

    New technology of swimming pool lighting, energy savings and improved lighting with our PAR56 led bulbs make real savings while providing ambient lighting to your pool!

  • Tight spots hammam, room bathroom...

    Lighting solutions for hammams and bathrooms... Discover our spots and sealed blisters to develop and create an unforgettable atmosphere in all wet places. Take advantage of our offers!

  • Ribbon led

    LED waterproof and non-waterproof tape. sold in 5 metre roll tapes led will create an atmosphere in any circumstance. SMD 3528 and 5050 SMD LED high intensity. Discover our different models.

  • Fiber optic Skyled

    LED lighting by fibre-optic night sky, and economic mood lighting. Create a mood easily through our skyled "economic and easy to use a simple source which you shipments of light everywhere!" Discover our offers!

  • Bulb and LED Spot

    E27, E14, GU10 LED bulb... Discover our lighting high intensity at low prices! Realize true economies by creating an atmosphere in all your home, store...

  • LED neon

    Type T5 and T6 LED Neon is Neon high performance consumed very little energy.They are very economical and their life is very long, the neon to LED and ecological technology compared to other light sources because it does not heat up or requires no toxic gas.The neon led installation is very...

  • LED Strip

    LED Strip on aluminium, IP65 bracket resists water splashing, they can be installed in damp places or in the outside, the power supply is 12V, they can also be connected in series. We have the cold white, warm white or the controllable RGB by remote control. SMD5050 for new technology for more...

  • LED panel

    Panel high led intensity, discover our panel LED square or round extra flat for maximum power. The life expectancy is over 50 000 h it does not heat and consumes very little electricity,

  • Vintage edison bulb lamp

    Lamp vintage Edison bulb to create a warm atmosphere with these filament bulbs our vintage bulbs are available in filament or led you can easily create a user-friendly atmosphere, our lamps are available in E27 and E14. find the slot different forms, with the cables in colorful fabric that will...

  • 12V transformers and accessories

    -12v transformers to connect all LED lighting. Tape LED and all type DC in 12v LED lighting. Transformers electric 220v > 12v. - for your tapes led or other 12V lighting solutions, we offer you our professional quality 12-volt transformers that have been specifically designed for the type DC...

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