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Instant water heaters

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the water instantly and she is not also stored in the ball. It is very economical because it consumes power only when it works. It gives off a power of 7KW and weighs 3.6 kg. It's 300 x 200 x 80 mm and it is also equipped with a protection system anti-scale and anti-pressure. You can attach it to the wall without a problem. Looking for more power? Don't panic because we have what need you! You will find your happiness with our "instant water heater horizontal 8, 8Kw KGT tactile setting shower, washing hands, bath Power V8" generates an output of 8.8 KW. While this machine is very powerful, but this does not mean that it is also very resource hungry electric. Technology Power V8 lets him do not consume electricity when it works. He turns cold water into hot water instantly in less than 3 seconds and it does not store water in his balloon. You'll also appreciate this heater for its LED display that shows details about the temperature of the water (another "vertical" model exist with the same characteristics). When choosing a water heater from us, you will enjoy the following benefits: quick and more economical than a cumulus installation maintenance and easier maintenance, saving electricity and the most important: hot water continuously everywhere or you want. Feel free to browse our category if you want additional information. You can also get in touch directly with us.


  • KGT instant water heater

    Heat the water instantly, finished the electric wastes, finished the lack of hot water, is very easy to install and allows you to achieve electricity savings! With new technology "Power v8" our instant water heaters are much more economical. Compact, economic and especially ecological, our taps...

  • Electric water heater material

    Compact heater on plan electronic control > keypad and LCD display to select the temperature to the nearest degree between 20 ° C and 55 ° C > two programming buttons with a single fixed value, activated temperature control and status display > Needless to add cold water > easy...

  • chauffe eau instantané KOSPEL
  • Cumulus extra plat KOSPEL

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