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and dump all the nervous tension accumulated in your body. These are real "anti-stress velvet. You are a little large family? We offer you our 'superb Spa inflatable round 187 x 70 cm 800Litres'. It is an inflatable brand spa Mspa's high quality characterized by an engine and built-in structure filters will help you save space. This inflatable jacuzzi has a superb highly resistant grey finish. It offers users an optimal comfort and grace to his 115 nozzles, it will bring them all the benefits of the baneotherapie. This model is also available in black version: the Spa round 4 people Camaro black + accessories. Having the same characteristics as the previous spa, it has a black color very fashionable. It will integrate seamlessly in your backyard, in your bathroom or on your terrace. During rainy seasons, you can deflate and install it inside easily. Otherwise, for many families, it must opt for the "Spa round 6 people Super Camaro black Mspa + accessories» which is much larger. As its name suggests, it can accommodate up to 6 people. It is equipped with a 1500 W heating system and it will offer you a massage with 42 degrees C water to relax all your muscles.


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    is recommended to opt for the "Velvet of SPA Polynesia 250 ml" which is characterized by a sophisticated, exotic fragrance and jasminee very relaxing and very relaxing. The "spa ELINYA 250 ml Velvet" itself is a slimming product. The essential oils contained in this last act on your body through...

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    The Gazebo to protect your spa. You will find your Gazebos in our "Spa – Gazebos" section, aluminium or wood, you will find one that will harmonize your spa.