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Intense white LED tape adhesive 5 m Green sensation

20,82 € tax incl.

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Light or retro - light all the objects you want thanks Ribbon to intense white LED Green Sensation

This roll of 5 meter adhesive 3528, will give you a design aspect to a ledge, a piece of furniture, a framework, it is possible to cut the Ribbon to adjust or add

other ribbons in series using the connectors Prewired to each Ribbon


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Stickers led to new generation rolls, easily create a bright atmosphere.


Intense white / cool / Cold white - 60 Leds per meter - transformer available by checking "with transformer"


Technical features:


Roll of 5 m led type: SMD 3528

Power supply: 12V DC (not included - available in our transformer 12V transformer)

Consumption: 24w (either 4.8w / meter) 

Number of leds: 60 leds / meter

Not waterproof: use indoor or sheltered

Service life: 50,000 hours

Lumens: 230 lumens / meter - Angle: 150 ° - use: Interior

Size: 5000 mm x 8 mm x 2.35 mm

Scored all 5 cm with a simple pair of scissors (cutting guides are arranged on the band)

Self-Stick adhesive 3 m

This roller can also be used with a dimmer switch

It is possble to plug several rollers in series


Warranty 2 years

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