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Building materials


  • tile Panel XPS water repellent

    Panel XPS tile, for the design of hammam, Italian shower, bathroom... its use is multiple. Panel in rigid extruded polystyrene (XPS), high thermal resistance, perfect for the design of Hammam. Allows the realization of ceiling, wall, and floor. Cuts easily (cutter, jigsaw...) Arises easily...

  • Shower, ready to tile shower tray tray

    Shower and ready for tiling in rigid XPS receiver bin. Discover all our offers of rigid extruded receiver. They are ready to tile or coating, supplied complete with drain and siphon. We have several sizes in stock. They are ideal for showers for the Italian. Our receiver are waterproof and...

  • construction accessories

    Accessories for panel construction, wall fixings, sealing strip, coated with waterproofing underlayment, tile adhesive, tape... Discover all our accessories allowing the realization of hammam, shower Italian... Let your imagination run wild!