Juice Extractor
Juice Extractor
Juice Extractor

Slow extraction fruit juice Extractor. allows fresh juices of fruits and vegetables. These juices are very rich in vitamins and minerals. He did y away from heater cut as with a juicer or a blender, this keeps 99% of vitamins! Our "juice Extractor" "Juicer" to make juice by grinding your food at a slow speed which in effect: more juice, more vit...

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    Allows to extract the juice from your fruit and vegetables Slow extraction by crushing of food keeps all the vitamins and minerals so that the aromas contained in fruits and vegetables. The Extractor allows also to obtain more juice than with a classic device (blender, juicer etc...) The device is very easy to clean because completely dismountable,...

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    Replacement for juice Extractor accessory kit    Kit containing all parts required for the replacement of the accessories of your juicer (screws, rasps, cleaning brush 4)

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