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Walk-in shower, hammam

realisaton of a Private Hamam

Cabin hard with majolica on walls,
meeting face to face,
Glass door with aluminium frame
(technical local recessed in the wall at the bottom right)
Steamplus® steam generator

1: Control box
2: Aroma steam nozzle
3: Air Extractor

Technical room
Flexible steam A:
B: water supply
C: drain
D: anti-scale filter


Professional Hammam (Place public Roquebrune sur Argens)


Hammam professional
Desineo® steam generator

Creator and design in natural materials

Specialist and passionate by the tadelakt and wood

My knowledge of the material allowed me to realize the traditional hammam of the Institute of beauty Amanei.

The appearance of the sensual tadelakt blends perfectly with the wood.

The lime possesses extraordinary virtues!

Tadelakt, a lime application, to sealing all forms, even rounded.

Tadelakt can be tinted with pigments or oxides, which allows play on the colors."

Sebastian Navarro
05 310 Champcella
Tel: 06 85 05 00 68

Mosaics Private Hamam



Hammam private LED colors!

Generator Steamplus, filter anti limestone

Door Hammam 70 x 190, reglette LED RGB, control box Steamplus

No steam / steam (light scattering)

PVC, shower aroma diffuser



Hammam private Panel in extruded polystyrene


Realization Hammam pool, motorization Intense ©

Door 60 x 190 

Nozzle Tylö circular 

Intense 4Kw generator / anti-scale filter



External formwork of a steam generator



Ozonator and 2 CR7 chronotherapy ceiling fan



Remote command DESINEO before a steam room




Finish glass





Fragrance pump 3-way

Intense © 12 KW steam generator




Traditional Hammam with vaulted ceiling

Nozzle anti-scald Intense ©




Hammam: Engine Steamplus ©




Shops, buildings, Design makeover.
Headquarters: the Estroublans ZI
2 rue Stockholm
13127 Vitrolles
Contact: 07 60 07 19 82




Blue Ribbon led at the level of the Foundation

Sky starred on the vaulted part






AVANT                                                               APRES 

 Transformation of a shower shower to the Italian hammam


 Engine Steamplus © + anti-scale filter



Hammam 80x190cm DESINEO © door



 Private steam room / shower

Engine Steamplus ©



 SPA "The ecstatic"


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