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PAR56 light bulb with remote 501LED for pool View full size

PAR56 light bulb with remote 501LED for pool

Led bulb multicolors for pool, equipped of 501 led to a less than 35W consumption!

7 colors available, 5 atmospheres teachable since the remote control!

a discount price for a durable material, easily replaces your old lighting system.


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169,90 €

Bulb led multicolor with remote control!

THElighting for your pool becomes economical thanks to the led technology.
PAR56 lamps is 30 000 to 50,000 hours of operation.

Consumption is 20 times less, and the life expectancy is 50 times greater than a traditional incandescent bulb.

  Standard format, it allows to replace your old hallogenes.

Choice of colors and mode

Create a mood with 1 click!



7 colors available, 5 controllable environments since the remote control!


The lamp has 12 programs controlled by the remote control (range of 10 meters, remote antenna unfolded). Too deep immersion may restrict the use of the remote control to a shorter distance. To return to the original program, simply cut the current more than 5 seconds.




PAR56 led lamps adapt to most of the spotlight of pool lighting. The installation is carried out without specific work.


-Before any operation, turn off the power to the projector.
-Take out the light of the pool block and defeats the bulb support.
-Unplug the bulb outside water.
-Check and change if necessary the seal as well as the support of bulb.
-Spread a layer of silicone in each side of the joint.
-Plug the LED lamp, screw the support, let dry silicone for 15 minutes and replace the projector in its niche.
-Check the tightness of the support and turn on.





Reference:   Par56 RGB
Color:   RGB
Number of leds:   501

 ~ 1500Lm

Consumption:   551


Weight:   0.800
Warranty:   1 years
Power supply 12V - 35w ~ AC


Ability to synchronize several bulbs with the same remote!


dominique f

ampoule 501 led

SE FAIRE PLAISIR a petit prix! et modeste consommation! 35w AU LIEU DE 300W Commandée le mardi et livrée le vendredi !
! Adieu les vieux projecteurs de 300W
Cette ampoule est formidable par les combinaisons de couleurs et ses différents effets!!
elle éclaire super bien une piscine de 8X4m
Par sécurité nous avons suivi les conseils en changeant le joint.
Maintenant reste a voir la longévité!
Merci desineo pour le prix pratiqué! D.FOURNIER

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