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na professional quality. Be aware that Desineo only sells high quality products that adapt to all needs of its clients. We have for example the 6KW model which is very convenient and fits 5-8 m3 cabins. You will enjoy this model because it installs easily on the wall or in the middle of your space, depending on your needs. For larger rooms, we also have a more powerful model: the stove 9Kw power. Intended for parts with more than 8 m3, this accessory is also very easy to install. For domestic use, we offer the 3 kW model. For more details, feel free to browse our category because we have many other products that might interest you. If you are looking for doors for Sauna, we also. Our Sauna doors are all made of glass tempered 8 mm that is why they are very resistant. They respect the international safety standards and offer the room very good thermal insulation. The model "door of Sauna 8 mm safety glass frame pine" is recommended to make each session a true moment of pleasure and relaxation. In addition, the hinge pin fits perfectly with the Interior of your sauna. Otherwise, we also have other much simpler models, but always in safety so you can choose the one that suits you.


  • Accessories for Sauna

    Accessories for sauna thermometer, hydrometry, fragrance, body care, lighting, fragrance...

  • Sauna stoves

    Woodburning sauna and motorization for Finnish sauna room, discover the best offers of sauna.

  • Sauna doors

    a glass of professional quality with no sharp fragments. This model also has a perimeter isolated with a silicone based compression joint. This in order to limit the outflow of heat and make the door much more resistant. About the installation, since our doors are sold already mounted in a...