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Treatment and water filtration

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Treatment and water filtration

In order to preserve your health and your devices, we recommend that you treat and filter the water that you use in your kitchen, room of water or other place in conact with water. To do this, you will need equipment and accessories effective and professional quality. We offer in this category "treatment and water filtration, the best devices and tools that will allow you to sterilize your water and protect your machines against deposits of limestone and Tartar. {desc2} Filtration and sterilization for purest water devices. Anti-scale protection and water treatment systems. Carbonate filter is a solution that will allow you to fight against the deposit of limestone on your hardware. It will also be used to remove the chlorine in the water you use. Know that chlorine is an excellent antibacterial agent but unfortunately, it is very dangerous for the health. Remove it after that he managed to kill all the germs in the water you use is a very good idea. You will find in the section "'Anti Tartar for steam production' of quality professional and highly effective products.» We also have a sub-category called "units". It includes a range of materials designed to produce water pure and free from all dangerous items such as chlorine, phosphates and sulfates. Attention, tap water is not so pure she looks. In fact, even by being very clear, water always contains dangerous microscopic elements for health. Using an osmosis, you can make it healthier. Do you like the brand appliances and high-end? Note that all the products we sell are. They respect all the standards in force. You can also sterilize your water by ultraviolet (UV) using one of our "sterilizers of water by ultr".


  • softener compact

    softener compact and modern, for optimal protection against the limestone.

  • Anti scall for steam production

    HydroBlend is a unique blend designed to provide prevention of limescale and eliminate chlorine present in your water. Protection of the Hammam, espresso, steam oven...

  • Of water by ultraviolet sterilizers

    our domestic uses. "The sterilizer UV bulb Philips 16w" Meanwhile, consumes 16 w and its maximum flow rate is 0.8 m3/hour. Much more powerful than the first model, it is widely used by hotels and restaurants. For small businesses and large corporations, three models to the choice based on the...

  • Kit Profine good and safe water at home

    This is because water from our House does not meet our taste criteria that too many people still buy bottled water. Fortunately, those days are gone.By installing a Profine ® kit for ® drinking water you ensure that your tap water is good every day of the year. More and more families choose...

  • Water saver

    Divide by 3 your water consumption without loss of comfort, thanks to our water saving! installs easily at the end of your faucet in 30 seconds!

  • porte filtre et consommable

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