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Spa accessories

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is recommended to opt for the "Velvet of SPA Polynesia 250 ml" which is characterized by a sophisticated, exotic fragrance and jasminee very relaxing and very relaxing. The "spa ELINYA 250 ml Velvet" itself is a slimming product. The essential oils contained in this last act on your body through the pores of your skin to burn then all fatty elements that disturb your blood circulation. For each SPA velvet, the dilution of aromas is carried out in a solution of alcohol of Cosmetology specifically developed by Camylle laboratories. This explains the volatility of essential oils. No trace remains in the SPA and filter cartridges to not clog. We also offer various alternative accessories like our batch of 2 washable filters for SPA (life expectancy: about 3 months), various materials of relaxation as our pack of 2 seat cushions for SPA or our pack of 2 headrests or our inflatable foot bath to spa, allowing you to clean your feet before entering the spa.