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Bulbs and spots for swimming pool

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Bulbs and spots for swimming pool

New technology of swimming pool lighting, energy savings and improved lighting with our PAR56 led bulbs make real savings while providing ambient lighting to your pool!


  • Bulb for pool by 56 classic

    Led high intensity that provides uniform illumination for low consumption 12w equivalent to 300w of spot lighting! Composed of a shell in resin Ultra resistant for a perfect seal on the long term. Replaces easily any type PAR56 halogen spot.

  • Bulb for pool by 56 long range

    7 colors available, 5 atmospheres teachable since the remote control! a discount price for a durable material, easily replaces your old lighting system. The lighting of your pool becomes economical thanks to the LED technology. PAR56 lamps is 30,000 to 50,000 hours of operation. Consumption...

  • Optical fiber for pool

    Allows you to illuminate pool, pond, Garden, storefront, bar... Broadcast lighting at 360 °! doesn't heat, electrical safe... Optical fiber treat against UV, resists perfectly water immersion. 3 years warranty requires a generator of light for fiber! (Sold separately) 1 unit = 1 meter (maximum...

  • Accessories for pool

    Niche for PAR56 lamp has seal for Niche to seal pool pool allows you to insert some PAR56 book without bulb type bulb

  • Spot for pool

    Energize your pool in lighting. Lighting becomes economical thanks to the LED technology. Consumption is 20 times less, and the life expectancy is 50 times greater than a traditional incandescent bulb. Standard CE, IP68 need a 12V transformer (not supplied) available in our section...

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