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Japanese toilet with remote remote + automatic toilet side panel flap full options 270B

241.58 € tax incl.

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New product


With order deported very convenient and easy to use

Perfect Hygiene and a feeling of intense well-being

Full model options with women's and mixed position, heating the bowl, disinfection of the nozzles before and after each use, drying, neutralization of odours, slow closing with fall brake

Easily adaptable on all types of toilet bowl using the mounting kit provided

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Data sheet

Height 14.5cm
Width 38cm
length 51cm

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Japanese toilet with remote remote + automatic toilet side panel flap full options 270B


The remote control allows to tailor the user experience to people with reduced mobility or simply to improve the usability of the Japanese seat multifunction

Cleaning the nozzles to replace the classic paper toilet provides a perfect hygiene and a feeling of well-being intense

Bring comfort and hygiene at home and savings

Easy installation on any type of toilet with the fixing kit included


Seat options


  • Plastic coating of the Bowl antibacterial ABS that prevents the formation of germs and allows easier maintenance

  • Seat heating on 4 levels: 30 / 35 / 40 °

  • 4 (jet cleaning) possible water heating temperatures: 33 / 38 / 42 ° 
  • Adjustment of the pressure of the water
  • automatic disinfection of the nozzles of bubble before and after each use wash 
  • 3 positions: mixed, female, child
  • 3 positions of forced-air drying: 45 / 50 / 55 °
  • Flap in slow closing (with brake of fall)
  • Presence detection 
  • Power saving mode (consumes very little energy standby)
  • Neutralization of odours "bamboo charcoal" 
  • Remote control IR 
  • Discreet side operation
Warranty 2 years

Technical features:

Power cable length: 1.5 m
Water tank capacity: 1.0 L
Power supply: AC 220V ~ 240V 50/60 Hz
weight: 4.5 kg
dimensions: 51 x 38 cm, 5 x 14.5 cm
power: 200-1350 w
T plumbing fitting + connection in water provided
wheelbase: between 11.5 and 18.5 cm
certifications CE and ROHS 


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