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14 Litres white wall water softener

999.17 € tax incl.


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Extra flat and compact softener this softener is ideal for a dwelling of 4 people with little room to install it.

Can also be used to soften the water of a spa or a hammam.


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14 Litres white wall softener


Extra flat and compact this softener is ideal for a dwelling of 4 with little room to install it

Can also be used to soften the water a Hammam or a spa!


Extra flat and compact cimportant for a household of 4 people

With the following assumptions: hardness of the water in entry
32 ° F, hardness of exit 7 ° F, water consumption
average of the home of 100 liters per day and per person,
where a regeneration on average every 7 days

• Commissioning free
• Supplied with connection kit, filter body and square, key wound cartridge


Electronic volumetric valve

• Variable detassage and vacation (water saving) mode
• Variable brining
• Protection against power cuts
• Maintaining time and programming
• Display of the original and remaining to soften water
• Rapid regeneration against the current in case of consumption
• Residual TH by mixing valve adjustment


Softener 14 litres

• By-pass integrated valve
• Configurable
• 2 carrying handles
• Security anti overflow (float and overflow)
• Body resistance
• Food quality reinforced polyester bottle


Stainless bracket sold separately


Technical features: 

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