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Made in france softener 20 L 1920 CC

1,499.17 € tax incl.


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Softener 1920 CC 20 L made in France with 20 liter tank, valve volumetric electronics and solid salt polyethylene tray


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Softener 1920 CC 20 L made in France


Softener with 20 liters tank, valve volumetric electronics and tray in solid salt polyethylene = made in France.


A water softener Made In France


Delivered complete with bypass, filter body and bobinee cartridge connection kit
Valve ACS designed and made in France, softener assembled in France
Free commissioning


Electronic volumetric valve 


Display the date and time
Display of the volume of water that can be softened
Adjustable forced regeneration against the current
Automatic regeneration in case of absence extended
Salt level alarm

Softener 20 litres


Safety overflow float and overflow
Solid salt polyethylene tray capacity 75 kg
Hatch on hinge

FREE on call (0892700279) or on site commissioning internet www.produitsfluido.com

Technical features:


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