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Traditional black soap 100% natural organic 1kg beldi

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Desineo Organic Black Soap 100% Natural 1 kg

Desineo Organic Black Soap is a vegetable paste very rich in vitamin E that is suitable for all skin types, it can be used as a natural soap or diluted in water as a liquid soap.

It does not dry the skin like a soap, and makes it soft and thoroughly cleaned

Its colour can vary from green to brown to brown, depending on the colour of the olive oil used in its manufacture.

It prepares the skin for exfoliation leaving the skin soft, satiny and silky

This batch of 5 pots of 1kg family and economic size, can be used by professionals as well as people using it in different situations

Organic product made in Morocco


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Traditional 100% natural black organic soap 1kg beldi for body care economy and family size


Black Soap is suitable for all skin types. The ingredients are 100% natural. This Black Soap is enriched with a true essential oil of Eucalyptus very rich in vitamin E.

Black Soap nourishes and prepares the skin for exfoliation by leaving it soft, satiny and silky.




Black soap can be used as a classic soap, taking a hazelnut of dough in the hand.

It is also possible to moisten the area concerned, then emulsify the Black Soap with Eucalyptus on the whole body, let it act about 5 minutes.

Rinse, then scrub with a kessa glove by making loose movements to remove impurities from the skin.

Rinse again, then apply vegetable oil.

Organic product made in Morocco

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