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The Pleasure - Spa

6,741.67 € tax incl.

the Pleasure

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    The Solace spa is a spa for 5 people with a foundation extra-larges in the Middle by a medium-sized spa more spacious. This spa has been designed with care for relaxation optimum and a maximum therapeutic benefit. Integrating with 58 jets in total, the Solace features two large banks, two seat and a place in a recumbent position. One of the available...

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    Bucket seats, deep and broad are the characteristics of the Joy spa. Each seat is equipped with different configurations of massage jets in order to enjoy an invigorating personal massage. All bucket seats are separated to provide total comfort for up to seven persons. The Joy includes our Aqua Rolling Massage as well as a fully programmable control on...

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    The Admire is a size large, spacious spa, packed full of features and with a variety of seating configurations that bring the ultimate spa experience. A deep bucket seats, a place lying down with many jets and massage Aqua exclusive Rolling provide invigorating massage experience. Our exclusive floor Everlast™ system brings the integrity structural and...

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    The most luxurious of our Signature collection, the Ecstatic is a therapeutic oasis of luxury for seven people which incorporates all the standard functions of the Signature collection and more. In addition to five benches seat depths and a place in a recumbent position, the Ecstatic integrates our exclusive levitating bed, available most innovative spa...

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