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Pack 6kw with accessories bucket + ladle + stones + aroma sauna

290.83 € tax incl.

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pack sauna 6kw

New product


Contents of the pack:

     -1 x sauna 6kw stove

     -1 x bucket and ladle for sauna

     -1 x stones for Sauna ~ 20 Kg

     -1 x Essence of Eucalyptus for Sauna 400 ml (excellent replaced by harvia eucalyptus 400ml)


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Sauna 6kw with accessories Pack

Domestic or professional use


Contents of the pack:

     -1 x sauna 6kw stove

     -1 x bucket and ladle for sauna

     -1 x stones for Sauna ~ 20 Kg

     -1 x Essence of Eucalyptus for Sauna 400 ml (excellent replaced by harvia eucalyptus 400ml)


Stove sauna 6 Kw with built-in commands


The command built into the stove allows you to directly set the temperature and duration of the session without having to leave the room.

The stove is equipped with a timer button to program the duration of the meeting as well as a thermostat knob to set the desired temperature.

This stove can be mounted on a wall, with its mounting system, or be placed on the floor

Its heating power 6 KW hour is, it can heat a sauna cabin between 5 and 8 m3 (electrical connection 230 Volt directly since the meter with suitable electrical protection)

This stove allows traditional (Swedish) or wet (Finnish) sauna sessions by watering the stones using a ladle

The dry sauna of 90 to 110 degrees. It is characterized by a very high temperature in a very dry atmosphere

Wet sauna 70 to 90 ° c or Finnish traditional sauna with a relative humidity of 15-25%. Heated stones, and then we throw cold water on the rocks to make steam. We finish the sauna by strong release of wet steam (1 to 3 ladles of water on the stones)

The installation of the stove must be carried out by a professional electrician


-Stones sold separately

-Case size: 41 x 25 x 58 cm


Sauna stones 


The stones are adapted to significant temperature variations.Charging of stones for sauna stove.Compatible with all Sauna stoves.~ 20 kg 


Bucket and ladle

Capacity of the bucket 4L - diameter Ø 30 cm

Ladle 36 cm 

The bucket and ladle are pine, they are resistant to high temperatures of the Sauna and form a traditional together for your sauna. 


Rento Eucalyptus essence


L ' delicious and invigorating eucalyptus aroma makes the more enjoyable sauna session and gives off the Airways




Pour 2 to 4 caps of aroma in a bucket of water and shake.

Throwing water on the stones depending on the desired humidity level and take full advantage of the sauna.

after use, rinse the bucket.

Do not store the aromas in the hot sauna

Warranty 2 years

For any questions feel free to contact us!

We also have sauna and 6Kw, 9Kw stoves

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  • 37.42 € In Stock
    1 x

      Stones for volcanic granite from Finland of HARVIA sauna stove! 20 kg  

    37.42 €
    In Stock
  • 33.25 € In Stock
    1 x

      Sauna bucket 4 liter with special ladle To disseminate aromas all throughout your session  

    33.25 €
    In Stock
  • 10.75 € In Stock
    1 x

      This essence of aromatherapy for sauna will allow you to create an atmosphere of unprecedented and enjoy the benefits of the essential oils of Eucalyptus  

    10.75 €
    In Stock
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    249.17 € Out of stock
    1 x

    Power: 6KW Dimensions: 565.5 x 399 x 279 mm Tension: 215-240/13.6 V or 380-415/6.8 V Heating volume: 4-7 m3 Stone capacity (kg): 18 kg Guarantee: 2 years

    249.17 €
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