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Sterylane for disinfectant spa 1 liter View larger

Sterylane for spa disinfectant 1 litre

12.83 € tax incl.

Sterylane Spa

New product


The active ingredients of the sterylane line have been tested according to the bactericidal, virucidal and fungicide standards in force 

This unique fragrance cleanser and cleaning product, enriched with essential oils, will enhance the cleaning of hammams and other damp rooms with an impression of pleasant freshness. 


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STERYLANE SPA specially developed for cleaning and disinfection of the inside of the SPA


Hygiene and maintenance products

The solarium, the sauna, the Hammam and the balneo have in common several aspects: 
-the warmth that promotes the development of germs 
-direct skin contact 

-an environment that promotes perspiration 

For these moments of relaxation to retain their magic, a perfect and rigorous hygiene is necessary. The STERYLANE cleaning range has been developed to meet the requirements of these particularly sensitive environments when servicing your whirlpool, sauna, Hammam and Spa facilities.


The active ingredients of the sterylane line have been tested according to the current bactericidal, virucidal and fungicide standards. 
The whole range contains essential oils and has thus been enriched with a strong deodorizing power, which will enhance the cleaning of an impression of pleasant freshness. 



For wood panelling, moisten a sponge in the diluted solution at a rate of 50 to 100ml for 10 litres of water and pass on the surfaces to be treated. Wash without rinsing.


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