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Electric Sauna stove HARVIA VEGA 8 Kw View larger

Electric Sauna stove HARVIA VEGA 8 Kw

266.58 € tax incl.

Harvia Vega BC80

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Harvia Vega Compact 8 Kw is a Sauna stove designed for a small or medium-sized sauna cabin. (about 9 - 12 m3)

It is easy to use thanks to its ergonomically placed controls on the top of the stove. Its installation is ultra simplified by the presence of the fastening support


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Electric Sauna stove HARVIA VEGA Compact 8Kw 


Stainless steel Sauna stove, easy to install with its included attachment holder

Harvia Vega Compact is equipped with an integrated control unit (Timer /temperature)

Technical features    Data
Power (kW) 8
Min sauna size (m3) 7
Max sauna size (m3) 12
Width (mm) 48
Height (mm) 54
Depth (mm) 31
Weight (kg) 7
Maximum stone quantity (kg) 12
Height of sauna min (cm) 170
Live power voltage 400 V 2N; 230 V 1N
Cables (mm2) 5 x 2.5 3 x 6
Fusible A 1 x 40
Control table Integrated

2-year warranty 

The stones are sold separately in our sauna accessories section

(Notice downloadable)

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