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Push button for Intense steam generator View larger

Push button for Intense steam generator

20.75 € tax incl.


New product


Adapted to the Intense steam generator 

Delivered pre-wired


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Push button for Intense steam generator


Commissioning from the device:


Steam on demand from a second order deported with push button.
Support 5s on the "Drain" button to turn on steam on demand, the unit will maintain the water at about 80 degrees until the steam on demand button is pressed. Again once the button is pressed the appliance generates steam in less than 30 s.
The Red led lights up during the 30 minutes of operation, once the time past the generator continues to maintain the water at 80 °, then the light goes off.
Simply press the button again to revive a 30 minute session (allows savings of energy and water during calmer periods)

Allows the customer to launch the session from a single button

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