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Generator light 60w for optical fiber for pool, starry sky lighting LED

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Generator light 60W to connect the fiber to make the edges of the pool, fountains, gardens or any object outside, inside or even under water 

The light beam is controlled by infrared remote control or switch, and has different modes fixed colors or variables including white

By connecting an optical fiber (separately sold per meter) you illuminate or highlight the circuit, avoiding any electric risk regardless of the place of the passage of the fiber until ' 100 m continuous! 

Fiber optics are available in two sizes, 0.5 and 1 mm


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Generator of light for fiber optics 60w RGB with infrared remote control


Multiple use, ponds, pools, gardens, indoor, outdoor, or even submerged, no electric risk with the use of fiber optics. However, the light-generator must be protected.

A duration of minimum life of 50,000 hours with its technology led high intensity!

The light is diffused through the optical fiber on a consistent basis

The generator is easy to install, the brackets are present on the device 

(Sold separately in 0.5 mm or 10 mm optical fiber) 

Can also be used as part of starry skies "skyled"


Technical features:


Generator of light led high intensity:

Brand: Greensensation

Power: 60 W

Power supply: 220v / 50 hz / 60 hz

Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 12 cm 

Lighting RGB + white - choice of colors and cycles

Remote control infrared

Material: aluminium brushed with bracket


Recommended use: up to 100 m with a fiber diameter of 10mm

Can be glued with a mastic glue around the edge of your pool.


Warranty 1 year


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