Ghassoul traditional Organic Natural Beldi 1kg white clay

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Le Ghassoul Organic 100% Desineo is very effective for detoxification, and general skin treatment

It is very effective for detoxification, and general skin treatment.

Ghassoul can be used as a shampoo that makes hair remarkably soft

It leaves hair and skin incredibly clean and soft by eliminating excess sebum and toxins.

1kg family and economical pot!

Organic product made in Morocco


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Height 20cm
Width 6cm
length 6cm

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Traditional Natural and Organic Beldi 1kg For Body Care Economy and Family Size


Its extraordinary absorption power makes it more effective than other clays for cleaning, moreover, Ghassoul contains a much higher amount of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium, than other clays.

The use of a 100% organic product for hair and skin respects the body as well as the environment




Ghassoul can be used simply as an exfoliating soap, but also as a face mask or head mask.

Mix the Ghassoul with the same volume of water let it hydrate for 3 minutes before using it.
Ghassoul can be used as a soap, skin conditioner, shampoo, and facial mask.

It has a very effective washing power because of its saponin content.

This Ghassoul is of very high quality, it contains only clay and little or no silica.

The traditional test of this purity is carried out by rubbing a little ghassoul on the teeth, the less the grains will be felt, the purer the Ghassoul will be.

Fair trade organic product, manufactured in Morocco under the conditions of sustainable development.

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