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Dry hands Vitech HD grey double air jet

374.17 € tax incl.


New product


This new hand dryer technology double HD Vitech air jet dry your hands in less than 10 seconds (against 43 for a classic hand dryer) but uses up to 80% less energy (650w).

It is also equipped with a tray of water collector guaranteeing better hygiene and better cleaning


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Height 65cm
Width 30cm
length 21cm

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Dry hands Vitech double air-jet grey metal New technology  




Economic & ecological


  • Thanks to its low power (650w)
  • At its record drying time - 10sc
  • drying only activates the passage of hands

Allows to reduce significantly the operating costs compared to other means of existing drying. (towels disposable etc)


Hygienic & cosmetic

Its innovative design allows him to adapt in any place.

Its antibacterial drying area guaranteed to users compliance with hygiene standards


Technical features:

• Air pulsed at 324 km/h
• Power 650 W
• Average consumption base 100 uses per day = 10 euros/year.
• Dimensions 30 x 22 x 70 cm
• Noise level 65 db
• Weight 11Kg


Ultra fast ultra design but also ultra Green! 


Warranty 2 years

fixing system included  



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