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Discovery Pack 9 mists of Hammam + 1 L Sterylane

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Discover the benefits of aromatherapy with this pack to the varied fragrances for hundreds of hours of pleasure in your steam room!

9 x 250 ml-1 L offered sterylane (cleaning product for wet rooms that leave a fresh smell in your space)


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Discovery Pack 9 mists of Hammam in 250ml + Sterylane 1 litre



Respiratory - fresh and penetrating aromas

The essential oils of eucalyptus are without doubt the most used in saunas and hammams. The power of the scent of eucalyptus gives an impression of ultimate freshness and vitality.
Particularly indicated for airway, this plant is used in pharmaceutical compositions for multiple infection and anti-inflammatory properties.



Respiratory and refreshing


The essential oils of eucalyptus are without doubt the most used in saunas and hammams. The power of the scent of eucalyptus gives an impression of ultimate freshness and vitality. Particularly indicated in respiratory conditions, this plant is used in pharmaceutical compositions for his many virtues anti-inflammatory and infection



The essential oil is refreshing by excellence. In many cultures, the Mint is used to flavour dishes and drinks, but also for its stimulating and aphrodisiac properties.

Of all time, the Mint was used as tonic, to help the digestion as well as treatment for colds, cough and fever.



Sedative - mild and fruity aromas

Orange provides the essential oil type of sleep. The captivating fragrances of orange are very nice and have their slightly hypnotic effect.
A bath with essential oils of orange, the evening before sunset, will have a calming effect euphoric and balancing.



Energizing - to fresh and enchanting aromas

Luxury is a particularly refined essential oils mixture; compound of essential oil of cajeput, guaiac, mint, eucalyptus and caryophyllene.
The essential oil of cajeput and guaiac are renowned for their antiseptic properties.
This composition made of your sauna, hammam or Balneotherapy bath a bath of jouvence, the impression of freshness and cleanliness is incomparable.



Tonic - fresh and spicy aromas

Essential oils of pine are particularly indicated in case of respiratory conditions.
Pine is known also for its stimulant properties, concentrate tonic to be recommended in case of tiredness and loss of energy.
Other properties: antirhumatismale, anti-fatigue, depurative...



Stimulating - with fresh and fruity aromas

The cajeput

The cajeput is used since ancient times for its healing virtues. Cajeput essential oil is a powerful antiseptic and a relaxant muscular recognized.


Lemon is the essential oil of the woman by excellence. He is recognized for its disinfectant and bactericidal effects in case of cooling, and strengthens the natural immunities.
Studies at the Japan have confirmed that the use of oil of lemon in the offices allowed to drop by half absenteeism and increase performance.



Invigorating - hot and fiery flavours

For thousands of years, Rosemary is considered a strong remedy and a magical herb. Legend has it that in the XVI century the Queen Isabelle of Hungary, sick and old, found youth and health through a lotion composed notably of Rosemary.
Rosemary oil is the essential oil that has the invigorating effect of the stronger.



Slimming product

The essential oils contained in camylle slimming range affect your body through the skin and mucous membranes.
They arrive quickly, via the blood in the tissues and the organs to perform their actions.

You will find, in a mesmerizing composition:
-Mint for its digestive properties
-Orange for its tissue Rejuvenator action
-Lavender for its healing properties
-Rosemary for its entirides properties
-Sage for its diuretic properties its anticellulitique action
-Juniper for its draining action and slimming

These essential oils can well to irrigate and nourish the tissues so that the skin regains its elasticity.
Associated with the beneficial action of Sauna Bath, steam room or whirlpool, they will bring visible improvements to the structure of the skin.



Relaxing - fresh and soothing aromas

Wild plant of mountains, lavender has been domesticated. The image of fields of lavender in the Provencal landscapes became one of the symbols of this beautiful French region.
The most often cultivated species is lavandin. The exceptional healing virtues of lavender oil are at the origin of the modern aromatherapy.


Cleaner disinfectant Sterylane 1 itre

Hygiene and maintenance products

The solarium, the sauna, the hammam and the Spa have several aspects in common:

-heat that promotes the development of germs

-direct skin contact

-an environment that promotes sweating

For these moments of relaxation retain their magic, a perfect and strict hygiene is necessary.

The range of cleansers STERYLANE has been developed to meet the requirements of particularly sensitive environments during the interview and your spa, sauna, hammam and spa facilities.

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