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Mist of hammam CAJEPUT / lemon stimulating - with fresh and fruity aromas

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Stimulating hammam mist - with fresh and fruity aromas

Aromatherapy 100% natural essential oils-based 

250 ml or 1 liter


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  • 250ml
  • 1 litre

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Aromatherapy mist of hammam - CAJEPUT / lemon 


Stimulating - with fresh and fruity aromas


The cajeput

The cajeput is used since ancient times for its healing virtues. Cajeput essential oil is a powerful antiseptic and a relaxing muscle recognized


Lemon is the essential oil of the woman by excellence. He is recognized for its disinfectant and bactericidal effects in case of cooling, and strengthens the natural immunities.

The Japan studies showed that the use of oil of lemon in the offices to drop by half absenteeism and increase performance at work


Available in 250ml and 1 Litre

100% natural

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