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Kit de raccordement pour cartouche filtrante réfrigérateur frigo américain raccord en t fournis

8.25 € tax incl.


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  • Kit contents:
    • 1.5 meters of waterproof white flexible hose, perfect for water connections (1/4" or 6.35mm diameter).
    • A T-fitting fitted with a stopcock/valve, included with gasket (3/8" or 12/17 size), for easy and secure installation.
  • Versatility of Use:
    • Designed for universal connection with different installations: refrigerators, filter cartridges, filtration taps, water fountains, etc.
    • Facilitates the flow of water to various household appliances, improving access to filtered water or other systems requiring a water supply.
  • Quality and Durability:
    • Made of food safe POM material, ensuring safety and reliability in use.
    • Resistant to high pressures, aging, cracking and corrosion, ensuring increased longevity without becoming brittle.
  • Quick and Easy Installation:
    • Careful design for installation without special tools: connects and disconnects easily without requiring complex keys or tools.
    • Advantageously replaces threaded or flanged connections, greatly simplifying the installation process.
  • Extended Compatibility:
    • Ideal for a variety of household applications, including refrigerators, water filtration and purification systems, ice makers, water coolers and dispensers, and air humidifiers.

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Universal connection kit for American refrigerator filter cartridge T-connector supplied


Discover the Universal Connection Kit: The Ideal Solution for Your Home

Transform your home water management with our innovative Universal Connection Kit , specially designed to simplify your life. Whether you are looking to supply your refrigerator with fresh water, install filter cartridges to purify your water, or integrate a filtration system directly into your faucets, this kit is the perfect solution.

High Quality Guaranteed with POM Material : Our kit is made from POM material, known for its food compatibility and exceptional robustness. It is specially designed to resist high pressures, aging, cracking, and corrosion, ensuring flawless durability and impeccable food safety.

Quick and Easy Installation : Forget complicated tools and hours of work! Thanks to its intelligent design, this kit allows for quick and effortless connection and disconnection, without the need for special tools. It is the ideal answer for those looking for a practical solution, advantageously replacing threaded or flanged connections.

Wide Compatibility for All Your Devices : This universal kit is ideal for a wide range of applications, including refrigerators, ice makers, all types of water filtration systems (including reverse osmosis), chillers and water dispensers, as well as air humidifiers. Experience purer, fresher water anytime, throughout your home.

Why Choose Our Connection Kit? :

  • Superior Quality : Durable and food safe material.
  • Hassle-Free Installation : Easy connection without additional tools.
  • Versatility : Compatible with a multitude of household appliances.
  • Comfort and Safety : Enjoy pure and safe water every day.

Don't Miss This Opportunity : Simplify your access to clean, fresh water today with our Universal Connection Kit. It is the perfect investment for your health and comfort. Order now and experience the difference!

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