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Détartrant express 5 Litres acide phosphorique alimentaire pour générateur de vapeur et cafetière, lave vaisselle etc

49.92 € tax incl.


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  • Large Capacity of 5 Liters : A generous volume for prolonged and economical use.
  • Powerful Concentrated Food Descaler : Quickly eliminates limescale in just a few seconds, ensuring effective and immediate action.
  • Economical Dilution : Diluted at a rate of 1 to 3%, creating between 200 and 500 liters of anti-limescale solution per can, thus optimizing its use.
  • Versatility of Application : Suitable for all appliances in contact with water and subject to the accumulation of limescale or scale, such as steam generators, coffee makers, washing machines, washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, and more.
  • French Quality Guaranteed : French manufacturing which ensures superior quality and reliability with each use.

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Professional descaler 5 Liters universal multipurpose food for steam generator, coffee maker, dishwasher etc.


Transform the Water in Your Appliances with Our High Performance Food Descaler

Discover the ultimate solution to combat limescale and tartar: our food grade descaler, specially designed to act quickly on all your devices in contact with hard water. Suitable for a wide range of appliances, from coffee makers to washing machines, it ensures pure water and significantly extends the life of your equipment.

Key Benefits of Our Anti-Scaling Solution :

  • Fast and Effective Action : Our express formula eliminates limescale and tartar, leaving your devices spotless in the blink of an eye.
  • Universal Compatibility : Ideal for all appliances using hot water, our descaler is the perfect solution for your coffee maker, electric kettle, dishwasher, and more.
  • Long-Term Protection : Effectively prevents degradation and blocking of your devices due to limescale, thus ensuring their longevity and performance.
  • Gentle but Powerful Formula : Low foaming, it restores flow in ducts, preserving flow and heat exchange characteristics, without damaging metals or plastics.
  • Advanced Protection against Corrosion : Unlike chlorinated descalers, our solution respects surfaces and offers anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection, particularly on stainless steel.

Simplified Instructions for Maximum Effectiveness :

  1. Simply dilute 1 to 3% of our express descaler in hot or cold water.
  2. Fill your device with the solution and activate the heating cycle.
  3. After heating, turn off and leave for 1h30 for in-depth action.
  4. Empty and your device is ready to use, as if it were new.

Opt for Our Professional Descaler and rediscover the optimal performance of your devices, without the worry of limescale. Protect your equipment and ensure quality water, all with a respectful and effective solution.

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