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STEAMPLUS for Hammam 9Kw steam generator

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Programmable on a length of 99 minutes, sold with nozzle steam output, control box, sensor, exhaust fan and ozonator (accessory 12V ultrasonic disinfection).

Automatic drain steam generator, perfect for home use

Suitable for an area of about 9 to 12 M3


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Steamplus Housing Guide

Summary of operation of the control box Steamplus

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Hammam STEAMPLUS® 9 Kw steam generator


Pelectric power: 9KW (single-phase or three-phase connection)

Water consumption: ~ 9 litres/h on continuous

Size of the case: 40 x 35 x 20 cm

Weight: ~ 12 kg


Fits a room of 9 to 12 m3


Comes pre-wired for easier installation!


This type of steam generator is perfect for the private type hammams!

Simple Assembly it is pre-cable (12 V) to simplify installation, and accessories!

Three cables are already provided to connect your lighting as well as all the accessories 12v 

The power supply must be connected directly since your electric meter to your steam with adequate circuit breaker generator, a switch on the line turn power off without touching the meter.

You no longer have that connect the control to the steam generator box, the ventilation and the ozonator, arrival and the discharge of water and your steam generator is ready for use! 


Water connection:


Steam output: 25mm O male (20/27)

Water supply: 20mm O male (15/21)

Automatic drain: 20mm O male (15/21)

Mist outlet nozzle: 25mm O female (20/27)

Tank and nozzle exit of vapor in stainless steel


Comes with:


time setting from 1 to 99 minutes since the control box

Temperature probe (pre-cable 3 m from the control box)

Nozzle provided steam output

Ventilation with cache
Ozonator 12v with cache (the ozonator fires automatically at the end of the session to neutralize bacteria and odours)

Automatic drain (empty the water from the tank after each session to avoid the formation of lime and limestone)

Integrated 12V transformer


Warranty 1 year

Feel free to contact us for any question!

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