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STEAMPLUS for Hammam 9Kw steam generator View full size

STEAMPLUS for Hammam 9Kw steam generator

Hammam 9Kw steam generator

For home use, programmable over a period of 1 H 40, sold with nozzle steam output, control box, sensor, exhaust fan and ozonator (accessory 12V ultrasonic disinfection).

suitable for an area of about 9 to 12 M3

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640,00 €

STEAMPLUS® steam generator

Pelectric power: 9KW (single-phase or three-phase connection)

Water consumption: ~ 9 litres/h on continuous

Size of the case: 40 x 35 x 20 cm

Weight: ~ 12 kg


Fits a room of 9 to 12 m3


Delivered pre-wired for easier mounting !



This type of steam generator is perfect for the private type hammams!

Very simple mounting it is also pre-wired (12 V) to simplify its installation!

You just have to connect the steam generator control unit, the ventilation and the ozonator!

Three cables are already provided to connect your lighting as well as all 12v accessories, and are connected accessories!


The power supply must be connected directly since your electric meter to your steam with adequate circuit breaker generator, a switch on the line turn power off without touching the meter.




Water connection:


Steam output: 25mm O male

Water supply: 20mm O male

Automatic drain: 20mm O male


Mist outlet nozzle: 25mm O female




Tank and nozzle exit of vapor in stainless steel





Comes with:


  • Control box (on / off, operating 1 h 40 time)
  • Temperature probe (already 3 m cable)
  • Mist outlet nozzle
  • Ventilation with cache
  • Ozonator 12v with cache (the ozonator will start automatically at the end of the session to neutralize bacteria and odours)
  • Automatic drain (empty the water from the tank after each session to avoid the formation of lime and limestone)
  • Integrated 12V transformer




Warranty 1 year

Feel free to contact us for any question!

Olivier G

Le système de branchements est si simple que j'ai fait fonctionner la machine 15 minutes après avoir ouvert sa boite.
Très pratique merci.

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