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Stove Sauna 6 Kw Desineo-built-in commands

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Stove sauna to built-in commands that can heat a sauna cabin between 5 and 8 m3 equipped with a timer and a thermostat


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Stove Sauna 6 Kw Desineo with built-in commands


The command built into the stove allows you to directly set the temperature and duration of the session without having to leave the room.


-The stove is equipped with a timer button to program the length of the session.

-The stove is fitted with a thermostat knob to set the desired temperature.


This stove is a wall-mounted model, but it can also be placed in the middle of your room

Has heating power 6 kW / hour, it can heat a sauna cabin between 5 and 8 m3 (electrical connection 230 Volt).


This stove allows sessions of dry sauna, traditional and humid by watering the stones su using bucket and ladle

-The dry sauna of 90 to 110 degrees is characterised by a very high temperature in a very dry atmosphere.

-70 to 90 ° c wet sauna or Finnish traditional sauna is characterised by a relative humidity of 15-25%. Heated stones, and then we water them with cold water to make steam. End of the sauna by a strong release of wet steam (1 to 3 ladles of water on the stones).


-The installation of the stove must be carried out by a professional electrician, electrical line must be live to the electric meter with a suitable circuit breaker.


-Stones sold separately

-Domestic or professional use

-Case size: 41 x 25 x 58 cm


Warranty 2 years

For any questions feel free to contact us!

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