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Resistance heater for Sauna Desineo stove

20,75 € tax incl.

New product

Resistance to spare for sauna stove Desineo

Choose from the dropdown the desired amount of resistance

then check the resistance power

To find the resistance to choose power, divide the total power of your stove to sauna by the number of resistances which it is equipped

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  • 1Kw
  • 2Kw
  • 3Kw

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Resistance of replacement for Sauna stove Desineo

In general the sauna stoves are equipped with 3 resistances 

3Kw = 3 x 1Kw 

6Kw = 3 x 2Kw

9Kw = 3 x 3Kw

Warranty 1 year 

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