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Philips 40W for UV sterilizer replacement lamp View full size

Philips 40W for UV sterilizer replacement lamp

Replacement for steriliser uv 40W lamp

Tube TUV germicidal UVC

Average life: 9,000 hours

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TUV 36T5 HE 4P SE 40w

49,00 €

Tube TUV germicidal UVC

Philips 40w for UV sterilizer 


The UV lamp fits in the body of the reactor.

Lamp power: 40 W

Power supply: 12v

Length: 845 mm

Diameter: Ø 16 mm 

Average life: 9,000 hours

Warranty: 2 years



TUV T 36, 5 4 p HE SE 40w



  • Kills or destroys bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms
  • Disinfection of air, water and surface in hospitals, in the bacteriological and pharmaceutical research, and environments for the agri-food industries such as dairies, breweries...
  • Disinfection of drinking water, sewage, pools, cold rooms, etc...
  • Used in many photochemical processes