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Dry hands Vitech double air-jet HD grey View full size

Dry hands Vitech double air-jet HD grey

Dry hands Vitech double air-jet grey metal

new technology of dry hands

 Drying in less than 10 sc! (against 43 for a classic hand dryers), this type of dry hands use up to 80% less energy.


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319,20 €

Reduced price!


399,00 €

New technology of dry hands Vitech 

Double air HD stream

Hand Dryer


 Thanks to a powerful airflow, located part and another in the zone
drying, it dries hands in less than 10 seconds

Economic & ecological

  • Thanks to its low-power (650w)
  • At its record drying time - 10sc.
  • It instantly cuts drying during the withdrawal of the hands.

This allows to reduce significantly the operating costs compared to other means of existing drying. (disposable towels)

Hygienic & cosmetic
Its innovative design allows it to fit any place.
Its antibacterial drying area guaranteed to users compliance with hygiene standards.

Main features
• Air at 324 km/h
• Power 650 W
• Average consumption base 100 uses/day: 10 euros / year.
• 30 x 22 x 70 cm
• Noise level 65 db
• Weight: 11Kg

Retrieves the drops, avoiding to dirty the floor!

Adjustable speed, choice of air with or without heat

This ultra fast camera and ultra design is also ultra Green! 


 Very nice well finished and reliable product


1 year warranty

fixing system included  




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