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Générateur De Vapeur Pour Hammam 4Kw Steamplus 2021 à Usage Professionnel Ou Domestique vidange automatique

591.75 € tax incl.


657.50 € tax incl.


New product

  • Refurbished product, new condition : Original packaging missing or damaged, customer return, never used. Possibility of receiving additional photos on request.
  • Ideal for hammam spaces of 8 to 10 m³ : Designed to provide an optimal hammam experience in medium spaces.
  • Complete components : Includes waterproof control box, temperature probe, external exhaust solenoid valve and steam outlet nozzle.
  • Flexible programming : Allows you to adjust the duration of the session from 0 to 60 minutes or continuously, and the room temperature between 40 and 60°C.
  • Advanced technical features : Equipped with a stainless steel tank, automatic draining and a 12 V transformer for lighting control.

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Data sheet

Height 285 mm
Width 132 mm
Weight 12kg
longueur 406 mm

More info

Steam generator for Hammam 9Kw Steamplus 2021 for domestic use automatic draining


Optimize Your Hammam with Our High Performance Steam Generator

Our steam generator is ideally designed for hammam spaces of 8 to 10 m³, offering a power of 9 kW adaptable to single-phase or three-phase connection for maximum flexibility. With efficient management of water consumption, from 6 to 9 liters per hour, it ensures continuous and economical steam production.

Technical Characteristics and Control Options :

  • Dimensions and Weight : 486 x 147 x 313 mm for a weight of 12 kg, easy to integrate into your space.
  • Advanced Control Box : Allows you to adjust the duration of the session (from 0 to 60 minutes or continuously) and the temperature (from 35 to 60°C), with additional functionalities for starting, stopping and light control.
  • Installation and Safety : Includes standardized connections for safe installation, with steam outlet, safety valve, and automatic drain.

Automatic Functions for Optimal Comfort :

  1. Automatic filling
  2. Automatic heating by thermostat
  3. Automatic drainage

Optional Accessories for a Personalized Experience (not included):

  • Waterproof Speaker Kit : Enjoy a 2 x 80W audio system with remote control and USB/Bluetooth/SD Card/FM connectivity for a quality sound environment.
  • Waterproof RGB Spots Kit : Illuminate your hammam with an IP68 RGB spotlights kit, including a control system and transformer.
  • Automatic Aromatherapy Pump : Enrich the air in your hammam with pleasant fragrances thanks to a double injection pump.
  • Exhaust Fan : Ensure adequate air circulation with our exhaust fan.

For more details on our products or to order, do not hesitate to contact us. Transform your hammam into a haven of peace with our advanced technology and tailor-made solutions.

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