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With detector AC 50W LED spotlight View full size

With detector AC 50W LED spotlight

With detector AC 50W LED spotlight 

Led spotlight with detector AC 50w 3700lm, 3800-4200 k with angle of 120 ° light

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69,90 €

With detector AC 50W LED spotlight 

Good for lighting an outside thanks to its wide detection angle (120 °)! 


       easily illuminate your outdoor! 

Thanks to this great projector of motion detector 50W led lighting, easily illuminate your exterior.

the intensity of 3700lm and 3800-4200K color allow honest and bright lighting in order to get a perfect view of the night and day.

     Make your life through the motion detector

Through an angle of 160 ° motion detector, ease your life! No need to switch the projector detectera and turn on instantly at the slightest motion detection! ideal to have good visibility when you go home at night.

      Technical detail

  • 35000 h autonomy 
  • 3800-4200K
  • 3700lm is a performance of 74lm/W
  • without detector: 27x28x6cm
  • with detector: 34x28x6cm
  • beam: 120 °
  • Ideal installation angle: 45 °

  • Ideal installation height: 2.5 meters.

  • Adjustable operating mode (LUX): position Sun means it works day and night and the Moon position that it is in operation at night.

  • Lighting time adjustable (time): from 5 seconds to 10 minutes, approximately.

  • Adjustable sensing distance (sense): 2-10 m, approximately.

  • Integrated transformer.

Warranty 2 years