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Kit for professional Hammam intense

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Hammam kit including intense steam generator, Hammam door, anti-limestone filter, 3-voice diffuser, perfume pump, speakers

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 + 5 KESSA glove, 2 disinfectants for Hammam Sterylane 1L, 2 sachets of solvent TYLO anti-limestone, 2 scents for Hammam, 1 ghasoul traditional 200ml and 1 black SOAP 200ml Offered!


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  • 4Kw
  • 6Kw
  • 9Kw
  • 12Kw
  • 60 x 190 bronze
  • 60 x 190 standard
  • 80 x 190 Bronze
  • 80 x190 standard
  • 90 x 190 passage handicapé
  • Pas de porte
  • 70 x 190 standard
  • 70 x 190 bronze
  • 100 x 190 standard (passage handicapé)
  • TYLÖ inox
  • Pompe à Parfum
  • pas de diffuseur
  • 1 enceinte
  • 2 enceintes
  • pas d'enceinte
  • avec Filtre anti-calcaire
  • sans filtre anti-calcaire

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Compose your complete kit for professional Hammam intense


Our Kit includes:


-Steam generator for professional Hammam 9Kw intense™


Automatic emptying, light control, steam on demand, anti-burn nozzle, function by programming or continuous, simplified descaling! 

The whole is pre-wired for a simplified installation! 

Suitable for a volume of 8 to 12 M3

2-year warranty 


-Hammam door dimensions to choose from 60x190/70x190/80x190/90x190 (suitable for handicapped passage)


The door frame is made of aluminum (43x45 mm) and can withstand high humidity

Metal door handle

All doors are manufactured in accordance with the safety standards and the specificities of the Hammam

This thermally treated glass is five times more resistant than the usual glass, to prevent the uprights from bending due to temperature fluctuations

 The doors are sold fully assembled, packed with included installation instructions.

3-year warranty


-Anti-limestone and anti-chlorine filter


Complete system of protection against Tartar and chlorine.

Thanks to its integrated venturi dosing system, it provides a few milligrams of food-grade product (HydroBlend) in the water to be treated. Once in the water, it will help protect the heating elements by avoiding the agglomeration of the scale on the resistance. In addition, it will create a microfilm on the metal walls in contact with the water in order to protect them from corrosion.

The activated carbon block eliminates chlorine to prevent inhalation of the gases generated. It also filters the sediment present in the water at a height of 10 microns. It is introduced in a natural polypropylene filter holder of medical grade and delivered with its retaining bracket.


Aromatherapy system




Perfume pump for Hammam


The pump pushes the scent into the steam duct, and complements the Hammam Room

Suitable for all types of steam generators


Technical specifications:


Size: 121 "x 91" x 104 mm 
Flow rate: 1l/h 
Pressure: 3 bar 
Tube: 4 x 6 mm 
Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Pulse metering pump ultra-quiet, maintenance-free

Comes complete with hoses 

Made in Italy

2-year warranty




TYLO aromatherapy circular steam nozzle


Aromatherapy nozzle in stainless steel allowing a homogeneous diffusion of steam in 2 or 3 directions simultaneously.

It has a small reservoir in which essential oils can be poured in order to enhance the Hammam bath (~ 5 ml).

Designed to fit a Ø 1/2 "steam tube.                                      

Nozzle dimensions: Ø 75 mm, depth Ø 40 mm.

(Must be connected to steam generator steam tube) 

Supplied complete with mounting manual, wall mounting and connection

Made in Sweden

2-year warranty


-Waterproof enclosure for Hammam plant® (optional drop down menu)


Resistant to moisture and heat,

of very good quality, this loudspeaker will create a musical atmosphere in your relaxation area.

Power: 250W/60W name

Size: with grille: Ø15 cm loudspeaker: 12x12 cm recessed: Ø10 cm





Waterproof speaker Kit 2 X 80W with remote control and remote control center USB/Bluetooth/SD/FM card 



Waterproof index IP66
Cone size 6
Outside diameter 175.5 mm
Frame size 145mm
depth 69mm
Impedance 40hm
Frequency range 120HZ-20KHZ
Max power 80w
Grid Stainless aluminum


lot stérylanes






STERYLANE, disinfectant for balneo, Hammam, sauna and Spa, will give you the assurance of a perfect cleaning and disinfection of your facilities.

(to be applied in non-rinsing spray)



+ 2 sachet of TYLO solvent for descaling     solvant anti-calcaire x2


+ 2 scents for Hammam CAMYLLE 100% natural 1 litrelot brume x2


  • 1 respiratory eucalyptus-with fresh and penetrating aromas (1liter)
  • 1 eucalyptus/Mint-respiratory and refreshing 1 litre



+ 5 professional-quality, unbroken Kessa glovegant de kessa desineo





+ 1 black SOAP Beldi 100% natural 200Gr


+ 1 rhasoul traditional 200 gr

 Ghassoul en poudre 200ml

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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