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Full 4-seatER PRO hammam cabin 190 x 130 x 225 cm in Desineo acrylic

3 325,00 € tax incl.


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Seat height: 60 cm 

Number of seats (moulded seats 8 mm thick): 4 seats

Thick door and windows: 5 mm

Sold in 7-part kit - waterproofing strips

Wall thickness: 63 mm

Dimensions: 190 x 130 x 225 cm

Door width: 78.5 cm

Vault-shaped ceiling

Steam generator 6 kw desineo PRO

Automatic perfume pump 2 perfumes

Automatic scaling pump

Anti-limestone filter 

2x80 W pregnant kit bluetooth

Air extraction fan.

Steam button on demand (on/off)

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4-seater STEAM room PRO full 190 x 130 x 225 cm in acrylic - door and windows ready to mount desineo



Discover our full acrylic hammam cabin Desineo

Bring the comfort of the hammam home easily with this ready-to-install kit

The front of the hammam cabin is fully glazed

The cabin has 4 moulded acrylic seats reinforced in fiberglass 8mm thick to strengthen the strength of the structure.

The vaulted roof will prevent condensation droplets from falling on users

This cabin is compatible with all our generators, accessories and lighting available on the site.


Technical features:

Seat height: 60 cm

Number of seats (moulded seats 8 mm thick): 4 seats

Thick door and windows: 5 mm

Sold in 7-part kit - waterproofing strips

Wall thickness: 63 mm

Dimensions: 190 x 130 x 225 cm

Vault-shaped ceiling


2-year warranty


Steam generator Desineo pro series 6kw:


Suitable for a room of hammam 6 to 8 m3 

Electrical power: 6 kw (single-phase branching)

Automatic emptying, stainless steel vat.

Water consumption: 6 to 9 litres per hour in continuous operation

Dimensions: 425-160-315 mm 

Weight: 12 kg



Control box and options 


- Setting the duration of the session: 0-60 minutes or continuous mode

- Temperature setting: 35 to 60 degrees Celsius

- Start-up and stop the steam generator

- Control of the light from the control panel

- Control panel size: 103-103-45 mm

- time management of the session.

control of the different options depending on which ones are chosen.

The control panel can be installed in the damp room but we recommend installing it outdoors to extend its lifespan.


Pro series control unit

Thanks to the Desineo pro series control unit (provided), you will be able to network all the options in our Pro Series Desineo range.

You'll be able to control everything from the control panel and even your smartphone.

these options (not provided are):


Ref lighting kit: tololedkit01boitier

Perfume pump two perfume ref: aromapump

Ref automatic scaling pump: descalingpump

ON/OFF steam control button on demand ref: onoffswitch

Air extractor ref: exhaustfan

APP device allowing control of the generator through the steamtecsauna ref application: appdevice

Waterproof Pregnant Kit 2 X 80W With Deported Remote Control And Remote Control USB/Bluetooth/SD/FM Card 

ref: tolo-music



Electrical connection

Has : Electrical arrival that must be connected directly to your electric meter with the right fuse 

B Exit of the cable that connects to the control box (5 meters) and the lighting precab

Also allows the passage of cables for lighting (not provided) controllable from the control box


Water connection

1 In: Steam output (15/21)

2 In: Safety soup (15/21)

3 : Water inflamed - 20mm (15/21)

4 : Automatic emptying - 25 mm (20/27) to connect to your drain

Automatic functions

1. Auto-filling:
The water infly electrovan will open automatically once the system is started and will fill
until the water level reaches the maximum level. If the water level is still
below the minimum water level 10 minutes after
defect of the water system

2. Automatic heating by

The generator will compare the measured ambient temperature with the programmed temperature

3. Automatic drainage:
When time is up or the ON/OFF button is pressed down, the system drains
automatically and displays "dd" on the LCD screen. The drain valve will be opened to drain.
After a while, the system will open the intake valve for
cool the tank and the resistance
system will automatically shut down after drainage.


68mm Spot Kit - RGB ip68 waterproof built-in - button, spot control system and transformer



Completely waterproof (ip68)

Install this spot easily in the environment you want thanks to its threading embedding system, it can settle in your shower, steam room, your bathroom or even your spa!


Built-in multifunction button that allows:

- Turn on/off

- Change of colour

- Color scrolling (chromotherapy)


Spot control system provided (synchronization box)

This Spot Control System allows the use of multiple spots installed in series with a single button


Technical features:

Diameter: 68 mm

Length of screw step: 50 mm

Height of screw pitch: 50 mm

7 colors

Spot power: 1 W

Function temperature: 10 to 70 degrees

Transformer 12V AC supplied


2 x 80W waterproof speaker kit with deported remote control and USB/bluetooth/SD/FM card


Fancy music or ambient sound in any environment? Discover our waterproof 2x80w speakers installable in your steam room, sauna, boat, kitchen, bathroom or any wetland!


Deported remote control and central control provided

Check your speakers where you want!

These speakers come with a central controller or you can insert an SD card, an SB cable or simply connect via Bluetooth with your smartphone.

The waterproof remote control allows you optimal remote control.


Technical features:

Waterproof index IP66
Cone size 6"
Outdoor diameter 175.5mm
Chassis size 145mm
Depth 69mm
Impedance 40h
Frequency range 120HZ-20KHZ
Max power 80w
Grid Stainless aluminium
Warranty 2 years


9 3/4 filter door with its silicophosphate cartridge 


Technical feature:

- Two-part filter equipped with a cartridge center to facilitate their replacement

- Events equipped with toric seals for perfect waterproofing.

- Brass inserts to avoid distorting tapping, a source of subsequent leaks.

Maximum speed with cartridges: 1500L/h, Frost Fears, Entry/Exit 3/4 inch.

- Mounts before the devices to be protected

- Entry/Exit 20/27

- Maximum static pressure 5 bars

- The installation of a pressure reducer set to 4 bars is mandatory.

- It is recommended to install an anti-return valve at the exit of the filter door

- An anti-pollution valve upstream of the product and downstream of the water meter is required.

- Fears frost

- Climb to a dry place away from the light.

- Do not use sealing paste or seal paste, preferably use Teflon

- Leave a space of at least 5 cm under the tanks to facilitate maintenance

- 200 m3 treatment 



- Before changing the cartridge, cut off the water and unscrew the vents to put atmospheric pressure

- Loosen the tank with the key, then by hand

- Change the cartridge, and grease the toric seal of the tank with dietary grease

- Replace the tank and tighten by hand, do not tighten the key. The key is only used to loosen the filter tanks

- When re-watering, turn on the vents to flush out the air

- The silicophosphate cartridge is to be replaced about every 6 months. Lifespan depends on the quality of your water and your use.

- If not used for more than 2 days, run the water for 5 minutes before use

- We recommend replacing the cartridge every 6 months to 1 year


Automatic scaling pump for Desineo pro series steam generator


Automatic scaling pump allowing a significant reduction in the limestone level inside the stainless steel tank of the Desineo pro series steam generator



Connect the pump to the Central Unit Desineo pro series using the cable provided.

then connect the pump to the steam generator with the silicone hose provided.

Directly control the operation of the pump from the Desineo pro series control panel.


This product will allow you several mode of scaling more or less long allowing a more or less thorough scaling


1. Must be installed in an easy-to-reach location
to facilitate maintenance.
2. Must be used indoors only,
3. Must be installed vertically, about 1.5 metres above the ground
suspend the scaling pump.
4. Must be installed in a specified and insulated room
5. Cannot be installed in a flammable, corrosive or chemical location.

Weight: 1.95 kg

Voltage: 12V DC

Power: '5W'2

2-year-old guaranteed product


Perfume pump two perfumes compatible desineo pro series

Perfume pump allowing the diffusion of two different perfumes.

Pump controllable directly from the Desineo control panel or from the Steamtech sauna mobile app if the app is installed on the Central Unit Desineo pro series

Don't manually recharge your aromas from your nozzle, let the perfume pump automatically diffuse the Aromatherapie into your steam duct!

Aromatherapy by steam diffusion will help to relax you and awaken your senses. Aromatherapy will also allow a positive effect on the respiratory system.

This pump is compatible with all our aromatherapy products.

Tension: 120V-240V 50/60Hz DC12V

Power: 5W-2

Weight: 1.85 kg

Dimensions: 300 x 268 x 80 mm

2-year warranty 


220V air extraction fan to be connected with a necessary 100 power supply sheath

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