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Replacement for Kit Profine Silver cartridge

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With Profine® Silver you have good, safe water at home. The system has been tested and certified in line with domestic use and ensures peace of mind that your family needs.

Treatment of sediments to 0, 45µ, of the chlorine, tastes, smells, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, bacteriostatic. (inhibits the bacterial development by his charge in money without relarguage)

Finished to carry bottles, ecological approach avoiding the consumption of plastic bottles...

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Replacement for Kit Profine Silver cartridge


 This is because the water in our House does not meet our criteria of taste that too many people still buy bottled water.

 Fortunately, those days are gone. By installing a Profine® kit for® drinking water you ensure that your tap water is good every day of the year. More and more families choose Profine® filtered water.

 The cartridges are inexpensive and should be changed only once per year *: when the tap LED turns red. In addition, its use allows to eliminate thousands of plastic bottles that are transported every day in our cities!

(* we recommend chance to the cartridge after 10,000 liters or 1 year of use).

Autonomy: 10 000 L is 10,000 bottles of a litre!

With technology Profine you secure your water to the extreme!

Profine® kit is designed and tested by simulating its use by a family. The system was submitted to four months of intensive testing, reproducing even the holiday from one day to one month periods. Filtered water was submitted multiple chemical, physical and microbiological analysis.

Profine® kit worked perfectly, so that he was awarded the prestigious certification of the Italian Institute for the hygienic quality of food technology (Tifq).


It is with pride that we list the results of the analyses carried out in the laboratories of TIFQ:

-The filter absorbs 90% of the chlorine from the water

-No bacteria were found, even after periods during which the filter has not worked (during holidays for example)

-After a stop of 30 and 60 days, it has not detected the presence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa,

-. The cartridge has been able to process 10,000 litres, without loss of performance


PROFINE®, a natural Act

Profine® has incomparable performance due to its technology in-house high. It is a block of active carbon selected for its high quality, steeped in money and then compressed to form a solid barrier in order to achieve a micro-filtration.

Chemical, physical and microbial analyses carried out by TIFQ Lab

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