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Water heater instantaneous KOSPEL EPME electronic with LCD 5.5 to 9 kW

290,83 € tax incl.


New product


Instant water heaters with electronic control, possibility of preheating and LCD display

(8 powers in a single water heater)


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Heater KOSPEL EPME electronic with LCD 5.5 to 9 kW


Water heaters with electronic control and LCD display

(8 powers in a single water heater)


The most


Display on LCD


LCD screen to view the temperature of the water at the entrance and exit this way that flow and power absorbed





Electronic control


Possibility of electronic control of the water temperature between 30 ° C and 60 ° c.





Immersion heaters in copper


The production technology of the heating elements in copper pipes ensures the longevity of the unit and its protection against bubbles!




Possibility of preheating the water


Maximum incoming water temperature must not exceed 70 ° c.





Locking of maximum temperature


The maximum temperature can be programmed, for example to protect children against Burns






Technical features:



8 powers in a single water heater.

The maximum power of the appliance must be set before the first start

The parameters of the electrical installation must comply with the selected power


Warranty 2 years

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