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Heater electronic recycling for shower and sink model CEX 9 ELECTRONIC MPS 6

283,33 € tax incl.


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Areas of use

Individual power: > kitchen sink > sink > Double Vanity group power: > shower and sink (in countries with a high enough power temperature)


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Electronic heater CLES for shower and sink - CEX 9 ELECTRONIC MPS 6


Areas of use

Individual power: > kitchen sink > sink > Double Vanity group power: > shower and sink (in countries with a high enough power temperature)



> Compact heater on plan electronic control

> Keypad and LCD display to select the temperature to the nearest degree between 20 ° C and 55 ° C

> Two programming buttons with a single fixed value, activated temperature control and status display

> You don't have to add cold water

> Easy mounting thanks to reduced dimensions and external water intakes of ½-inch for a facility resistant to pressure or without pressure

> Temperatures to the degree in the range of values of the TWIN TEMPERATURE Control TTC®

> The heating to bare wire IES® system ensures a longer life expectancy, reducing tartar, being efficient and easy to maintain

> Multiple Power System MPS®: installation defines consumption (6.6 or 8, 8kW) > can also be controlled by iPad * (from iOS5) (requires an adapter FXED radio, a Home Server RETRAINING and enforcement "Smart Control")

> Compatible with solar installations (< 70 ° C inlet temperature).

Up to 40% energy saving compared to conventional water heaters of low capacity. A production of instant hot water meets the needs and the end of the energy loss due to preheated water storage lower the energy consumption of about 40%. With the water saved, the economy can go up to 80 Euros in operating costs.

Adjustable on 6 or 9.6 kw 

Watch out for the 9.6kw, a disjonscteur of 40 A position is necessary

Warranty 2 years 

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