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Water heater snapshot 12Kw KGT touch control shower, washing hands, bath Power V8 View full size

Water heater snapshot 12Kw KGT touch control shower, washing hands, bath Power V8

12 Kw instant electric water heater

Technology Power V8® high power

perfectly suited for sink, wash hands, sink, shower, bathtub...

You can feed water different points at the same time and easily!

easy installation and energy savings

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399,00 €

Water heater snapshot 12Kw single-phase


 Will suit perfectly for: Wash hands, sink, shower, bathtub...

It will easily replace your comulus or your gas water heater.


It produces hot water instantly.
The water is not stored in a ball, there is no risk of development of bacteria or scaling.
This system is very economical because it consumes electricity during use, unlike Cumulus clouds who operate continuously and heat a volume of water that it is used or not.


precautions to be taken

-before purchasing your product think a veriifier your meter. Need you a FUSE: 60A



-Brand: KGT®

-Power: 12 kw
-Nominal voltage (V): 220-240v 50/60 Hz

-Wiring: 10 mm

-Pressure: 0, 02-0, 6 MPa (comes with 3 bars pressure reducer)
-Weight: 3.6 kg
-Size: 385 x 250 x 90 mm

-Anti-limescale protection

-pressure relief protection

-Adjustment of heating from 30 ° to 52 °

-LED display indicating: off, the desired Temperature, the actual Temperature,...

-Comes with instructions in French

-Pressure 3 bars included reducer

-Wall brackets included


-Warranty: 1 year



Easy mounting

-Connect your cold water in the place of the blue pellet - Ø 10mm

-Your water comes out hot against the red dot O - 10 mm



will suit for: wash hand basin, sink, shower, bathtub...




The water heater is already pre-wired to simplify electrical installation.

Screws for wall mounting are provided as well as the explanatory notes.




Ease of use


  • one button ON / OFF touch


  • adjusting the temperature of water (2 buttons)



Keeps track of the settings when the unit is shut down




Why opt for a camera of this type:

  • Faster and more economical than a cumulus installation!
  • Easier maintenance no maintenance!
  • Economical: you pay only what you consume!
  • Hot water continuously, everywhere, any place (in or out of the dwelling place)
  • Addition of a point of hot water made easy!
  • Water only when needed, regardless of the amount of this need (little, medium, much)
  • Optimum safety, 10 points of controls tested by e-card
  • Standards: This ROHS EMC CCC ISO 9001
  • No risk of Burns, the water never exceeding 55 °
  • Comes with 3 bars pressure reducer
  • Heating system V8® POWER