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Instructions for descaling steam generator

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Operating aid for the maintenance of its steam generator.

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Instructions for detrartrer its steam generator.


Our generators are provided with automatic drainage system in order to reduce the formation of scale and agglomeration of limestone, but this system does not prevent regular maintenance of the unit.

An anti-scale filter can avoid you frequent servicing of the device, you can also use a quench additive or a filter anti limestone and limestone anti (pictured right) (available on our website - click on the image)



Tank, resistance, and the fill probe must be regularly rootplane.

The water in the tank causes an accumulation of limestone more or less quick depending on your water quality, which may subsequently result in the malfunction of the water as well as accelerated wear resistance level probe.


The frequency at which you must perform a descaling depends on the quality of your water and the frequency of use of the device.


Perform de-scaled first 2 weeks after the first use and renew the operation depending on the amount of limestone found.

We recommend descaling all 100 to 200 operating hours (this also depends on the hardness of your water).


 Cleaning procedures:


-Check that the generator is cold (let it cool if necessary).

-Make sure that the generator is off - cut electricity

-Remove the top plate and side plate (6/8 screws)

-Disconnect the plugs of the sensor of water level (circular block with 3 causses - cf manual) note their position to facilitate reassembly.

-Unscrew the level probe and remove the generator with pliers.

-Clean the sensor separately.

-Pour the citric acid (citric acid is completely biodegradable and non-toxic) in the tank through the opening of the level probe.

-Screw the level probe and reconnect plugs in the same order than where you were found at the time of their disconnection.

-Connect the generator to your electrical power.

-Operate the generator 2 hours.

Caution do not use the cab of hammam during this period!

It is better to drain the unit in an open container in order to see the amount of tartar removed!

Increase the frequency of descaling or decrease the depending on its result.


Caution do not put water or citric acid on electrical connections! 

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