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Instructions for mounting of a steam generator


 Instructions for mounting of the steam generator

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Help mount the steam generator


The location of the housing

-The generator must not be placed in the space of the Hammam but outside of the room in a place away from moisture.

The ideal is to lay it across the wall of the hammam room, it contains 2 openings to attach to a wall using 2 pegs.


Electrical connection

You must draw a line from your electricity meter and insert a circuit breaker for safety. A switch should cut the voltage after use.

Our boxes 4 / 6 /9Kw plug directly into the 220 classic v single phase (or three-phase necessary), from 12Kw, we recommend the installation in three-phase 380v.

The connection is indicated inside the housing.




4KW - 6 mm square above 20 amps

6KW - 6 mm square greater than 32 amps

9KW - Mono - 10 mm square more than 40 amps amperage

12KW - Mono - 3 x 4 mm square 60 amp (5 x 2.5 in three-phase - 32 AMPS)

Water connection

Feed your steam water generator as you feed a washing machine (position a valve between your water supply and your box to cut the water without cutting the General arrival if you had to disconnect).

Filling and draining through the electro valves present on the devices.

The diameter of the drain and water supply is 21 mm male (15/21)


Steam outlet

-Housing steam output must be higher than the steam outlet nozzle (so that the condensation of water can flow naturally required).

-The connection of the circuit of steam between the generator and the nozzle must withstand a Temperature of 110 ° c and must not exceed 2 meters. (you can use hoses for boiler, an isolated copper, copper easy if the room is not too cold...)

-The nozzle should be placed in your room at a height of between 10 and 40 cm.

The diameter of the steam outlet is 27 mm (20/27)


Temperature probe

-Sensor, it must be placed between 1, 60 m and 1, 80 m high, quite away from the steam outlet so that the temperature inside the steam room are based on accurate information.


Drain of the device

Connect your drain to your network of sewage. diameter 21 mm (15/21) male


Control box

The control unit allows to start and stop a session, set the Temperature (° c) and the duration of the meeting.

The settings can be done before and during the meeting; During the meeting, the box will display the Temperature (° c) ambient to the place where it is probed.

It can be placed inside or outside of the hammam room. (preferably outdoors)

It connects directly on the electronic map of the steam generator (5 m connection wire is supplied).


Temperature probe   

Direct connection by connector to the control unit (the probe is positioned in the upper part of the room, cable length 3 m ~)


Our tanks and heating resistances are in corrosion resistant stainless steel

The safety devices of the unit:

When ' a malfunction is detected the unit goes into safety position. It thus prevents starting of the emission of steam. The causes of this development are not security:


-Lack of water

-Overpressure steam safety valve (safety that does not alter the emission of steam but simply allows more effective regulation of steam)

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