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Vitech automatic hand dryer dual air-jet white View full size

Vitech automatic hand dryer dual air-jet white

Dry hands Vitech double air-jet white

New technology of dry hands

Drying in less than 6 sec! (against 43 for a classic hand dryers), this type of dry hands use up to 80% less energy.


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399,20 €

Reduced price!


499,00 €

New technology of dry hands Vitech 


 Thanks to a powerful airflow, located part and another in the zone 
drying, it dries hands in less than 6 seconds

Economic & ecological

  • A record drying time - 6 sec.
  • It instantly cuts drying during the withdrawal of the hands.

This allows to reduce significantly the operating costs compared to other means of existing drying. (disposable towels)

Hygienic & cosmetic
Its innovative design allows it to fit any place. 
Its antibacterial drying area guaranteed to users compliance with hygiene standards.

Main features
• Air 95 m/s
• Power 1800W
• 30 x 65 x 21 cm

Retrieves the drops, avoiding to dirty the floor!

Adjustable speed, choice of air with or without heat

This ultra design is also ultra fast ! 


 Well finished and reliable product


1 year warranty

fixing system included  




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