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STEAMPLUS 4Kw for Hammam steam generator View full size

STEAMPLUS 4Kw for Hammam steam generator

Steam for steam 4Kw generator.

For domestic use, with different accessories,(buse de sortie de vapeur, panneau de contrôle, sonde, ventilateur, ozoniseur...).

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STEAMPLUS® steam generator

Pelectric power: 4 KW (single-phase or three-phase connection)

Water consumption: from 6 to 9 litres / h on continuous

Size of the case: 38 x 30 x 16 cm / ~ 8 Kg

Programmable temperature : between 30 and 80 °

Programmable duration : 10 to 99 minutes 


Fits a piece about 4 m3


Comes pre-wired for easier installation!



This type of steam generator is perfect for the hammams of private type!

Very simple mounting, it is also pre-wired to simplify its installation!

You have to clip the control to the steam generator box, to connect the ventilation, and the ozone generator!

A cable is already drawn to connect your lighting as well as all your accessories 12 v (ventilation, lighting, ozone generator), and that's your connected accessories!


The power supply must be connected directly from your electric meter to your generator of steam with the adequate fuse, a switch on the line turn power off without touching the meter.




Water connection:


Steam output: 27 mm O male (20/27)

Water supply: 21 mm O male (15/21)

Automatic drainage: 21 mm O male (15/21)


Nozzle steam output: 27 mm O female (20/27)




Tank and nozzle stainless steam output.





Comes with:


  • -Control box (on/off, durée / température))
  • -Probe (cable pre - distance: 3 m)
  • -Mist outlet nozzle
  • -Ventilation with cache
  • -Ozonator 12v with cache (the ozonator will start automatically at the end of the session to neutralize the development of bacteria and odours)
  • -Automatic drain (empty the water from the tank after each session to avoid the formation of lime and limestone)
  • -Transformer 12V for the connection of accessories (lighting, ventilation, ozonator)




Warranty 1 year

marc f

generateur steamplus

j ai ce generateur depuis plus 1 an et j en suis très satisfait beaucoup de vapeur rapidement je le recommande

Henry Dumond

bien !

Merci pour vos conseils, pour le momet tous se passe trés bien !

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Denis R

Livraison rapide, simple d'instalation.
Merci tout est parfait.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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