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Professional steam generator Intense 4kw for Hammam View full size

Professional steam generator Intense 4kw for Hammam

Steam for steam room professional 4Kw generator Intense ™

Automatic drainage, pilot light, steam nozzle anti-scald feature programmatically scheduled or continuous, descaling simplify! 

Everything is Prewired for an instalation simplify! 

For a volume of 2-5 m 3

Warranty 2 years 

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760,00 €

Intense ™ steam generator 4kw 

New range of professional generator with options: 


-Deported with controls ignition of the unit from the time of the temperature of lighting, the drain...

The drive deported also features 8 LEDS of built-in diagnostics that will indicate you ongoing operations so remote control good perfomance. 

-Steam on demand through a second command deported with button main. (press 5sc on the "Drain" button to activate the steam at the request, the appliance option maintain the water at about 80 degrees until the steam on demand button is pressed. Once press the appliance generates within 30sc of steaming the red button will illuminate during 30 minutes of operation, once the time past the generator continues to conserve water to 80 ° and the button if turns itself off, simply press the button to restart 30 minutes. (this allows savings of energy and water during calmer periods)

-Continuous steam: 

For a market continuously put time on 240 min and press "SET" that will trigger the market continuously.

-Programming of duration:

with the arrows you can choose a duration ranging from 10 to 240 min

-The temperature settings: 

with the arrows you can choose a temperature of 30 to 60 ° c

-The automatic tank cleaning:

at the end of each use of that water will be cooled, the tank will drain and water will return to rinse and clean the tank in automatic way to limit the deposit of limestone.

For its good operation it is still essential to process limestone and from time to time to the de-scaling.

-Descaling simplify 

on the top of the unit removed the 4 screws to access the water level sensor, the removed, pour the citric acid through the hole, closed the trape. Heat the appliance then cut, wait a few hours and then switched on, and the press "Drain". Your device is cleaned! 

-Nozzle anti-scald:

Red nozzle PVC provided to avoid burns.

-Probe protection: 

a small conical trape is provided to put around the tube so that the customer is key.



Technical details:

  • Useful volume of heating: 2-5 m 3
  • Size of the generator: 39x19x34cm
  • Weight: 11kgs 
  • Size of the control box: 15x9cm / cable 5 m length
  • Size of the housing "steam on demand: 6x6cm"
  • Probe 3mmo cable on 3.2metres, the cache size for probe: 4.5cmo
  • Steam outlet nozzle: 10.5cmo female thread 15/21 (1/2)
  • Water supply: 15/21 (1/2) male
  • Steam outlet: 15/21 (1/2) male
  • Drain: 15/21 (1/2) male / pressure valve 15/21 (1/2) female 
  • Electrical connection: 220v single-phase (the 6kw, 9kw, 12kw can be connected in mono as three-phase)
  • Water consumption: ~6l/h
  • 2 year warranty (excluding problem associated with limestone or use) abnormal

Simplified instalation: 

  1. It feeds the generator of steam into electricity with electric protection adapted. (his arrival electrical connecting to the internal terminals of the device)
  2. It clipped the control box to the motherboard in order to adjust the temperature, the time... the cable measuring 5, relay on the control unit the probe to be placed there to put height in your steam room which is cable on 3.2metres.
  3. It feeds the generator in water. (allow a limestone anti system to avoid any problem on the device)
  4. When connecting the pressure valve and drain the sewage.
  5. When connecting the steam outlet nozzle with a copper, flexible, corrugated steel (all materials resistant to 110 ° with a diameter of 16 see 18o) with a slope of the generator to the steam outlet nozzle.

 See figure below:










Super produit, livré rapide merci

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