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Professional steam generator Intense 18kw for Hammam

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Fits with a volume of 14 to 22 m3 (about 10 to 12 m2 room)

Steam generator for Hammam professional 18Kw Intense™ with automatic drainage, auto detatrage programmable or manual. control of light, steam on demand, nozzle anti-scald, programmatically or continuous function, simplified descaling! 

Everything is pre-wired for a simplify the installation! 


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Intense™ steam generator 18kw for hammam


New range of professional steam generator options: 


-Command remote control switching on the unit, time, temperature, lighting, draining...

The remote control also has 8 Leds built-in diagnostics that will show you the current operations to remotely control the good operation of the device. 

-Steam on demand from a second order deported with push button. (press 5 sc on the "Drain" button to turn on steam on demand, the unit will keep the water at about 80 degrees until the steam on demand button is pressed.

Once the button press the device generates again steam within 30sc.

The Red led lights up during the operation, once the time past the generator continues to conserve water at 80 °, then the light goes off. Then just press the button to start a new session of 30 minutes. (allows savings of energy and water during calmer periods)

-Continuous steam: 

For a continuous market set the duration on 240 minutes and press "SET" to trigger the "continuous steam" mode.

-Programming the duration:

The arrows allow you to choose a period ranging from 10 to 240 minutes

-Temperature adjustment: 

The arrows allow you to choose a temperature between 30 to 60 ° c

-Cleaning Automatic VAT:

At the end of each use, once the water is cooled, the tank drain automatically once, then fills again to better rinse to clean and avoid the deposit of limestone.

This generator contains a compartment allowing programming of automatic descaling! finished the anxieties related to limestone!

-Simplified scaling

Just remove the 4 screws present on the upper part of the unit to access the water level probe. Once removed, it must pour citric acid by opening and closing the door. Do the machine cut it and wait a few hours before you turn it on and press "Drain".

Your device is cleaned! 

-Nozzle anti-scald:

A red nozzle PVC is provided to avoid burns.

-Sensor protection: 

a small conical hatch is provided to protect the probe of potential shocks on the part of users.



Technical features:


Useful volume of heating: 10-16 m3
The generator size: 39 x 20 x 41.5 cm
Weight: 15 kg 
The control box size: 15 x 9 cm / 2 m cable length
Size of the package "steam on demand: 6 x 6 cm"
Probe 3 Mmo cable on 3.2 meters, for probe cache size: 4.5 Cmo
Nozzle steam output: 10.5 Cmo female thread 15/21 (1/2)
Water supply: 20/27 (3/4) male
Out of steam: 20/27 (3/4) male
Oil change: 15/21 (1/2) male / pressure valve 15/21 (1/2) female 
Electricity: 220v single-phase or three-phase 380v (without modification to the device)
Water consumption: ~12l/h

2 year warranty (excluding limestone or abnormal use problem)


Simplified installation: 


1. the steam generator must be getting power with the right power protection. (arrival electric must be connected to the connecting unit electric Terminal)

2. the control box connects to the motherboard of the machine with a 5 meter cable, the probe must be placed halfway up the hammam room. The probe is wired on a length of 3.2 metres.

3. then On feeds the generator in water. (allow a limestone anti system to avoid any problem on the device, or difficulty of operation)

4. we connect the pressure release valve and draining to the evacuation.

5. we connect the steam release at the nozzle with a copper or flexible hose (available in Accessories for hammam) corrugated steel as well as all materials resistant to a temperature of 110 °

It must also maintain a slope ranging from the output of steam from the steam generator to the nozzle of the hammam steam release










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