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Kessa for Hammam Exfoliating glove

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Glove Kessa for Hammam 

Revitalizes and energizes the skin thanks to its high Exfoliating quality

Can be used on face and body


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Glove Kessa sweet crepe


Very resistant to the level of the seams, ideal for scrubbing of all, even the most sensitive skin (face)  

The glove kessa revitalizes and energizes the skin thanks to its high Exfoliating quality


Use of the glove kessa:


Apply the SOAP on the body, divide the dough into you massage for 5 minutes 

Rinse, wet your glove kessa and exfoliez your skin

After your scrub, rinse the glove kessa and let it dry


Technical features:


Dimensions: 21 x 15cm 

Material: Viscose

Weight: 15-16g / piece

Packaging: individual blister

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