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Beldi 100% natural black SOAP View full size

Beldi 100% natural black SOAP

Black "Beldi" 100% natural SOAP

jar of 200 Gr

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11,90 €

Black SOAP is a very rich in vitamin E vegetable paste.

Its color can vary from green to Brown from Brown. Everything depends on the color of the olive oil used for its manufacture.

Black SOAP is suitable for all skin types. It is however recommended to avoid face especially in the case of dry skin. Black SOAP prepares the skin for exfoliation leaving soft, satiny and silky.

Moisten the area concerned, then emulsify the black SOAP on the whole body, let stand about 5 minutes. Rinse, then proceed to the scrub with a glove kessa by further movements to remove impurities from the skin. Rinse again, then apply a vegetable oil that will have a moisturizing role

Ingredients INCI: aqua Potassium Obispo.

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Isabelle Delplace


Produit de très bonne qualité relaxant et enivrant,

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